Love Not Lost Career Opportunities

Love Not Lost is on a mission to revolutionize the way people grieve in America.

We have several programs to achieve this:

Our photography program provides a free professional portrait session for those facing a terminal diagnosis to celebrate life and preserve memories. Each family receives a beautiful photo album to help support them through the grieving process and capture the love that is shared forever.

Our grief support program empowers and equips our community with the tools and resources they need to show up for people who are hurting in their lives. Together, we want to make sure everyone feels loved and supported in loss and grief.

Our corporate care program brings grief and empathy training to the workplace so that everyone can have support in all areas of their lives when hard times hit.


About The Team

The driving question of Love Not Lost is “How can we love people better?” because we believe that love brings healing and makes the world a better place. We will challenge you to ask this of yourself as we also ask this about you, our employee. Together, we’ll ask that question of each of our communities and everyone we interact with.

We are a group of imperfect people, working to love people better to bring support and healing to those who need it. Ashley Jones is our founder and executive director - the leader and visionary who you will be joining on staff. The two of you will work together as you bring Love Not Lost to the rest of the country, adding more staff in the future.

Love Not Lost has a board of directors of eight amazing leaders in the community who help guide and direct our path to accomplish our vision.

The day to day can be made up of a lot of different tasks, phone calls, meetings, and accomplishments. Our goal each day is to steward our energy, emotions, donations, time, and relationships well. We admit, it can be heavy stuff sometimes, but we work through it together and make sure you have the resources you need to care for yourself. We’re continually growing, learning, and improving to be our best and are looking for a person who is excited to join us on this journey and grow with us.


Full Time Key Relations Manager Needed to Support Executive Director for Growing Non-Profit, Love Not Lost

Full Time Position


As our key relations manager, you would be the person people look to within our community; the person they trust to help them and take care of their needs related to Love Not Lost. Photographers will look to you for support, encouragement, and leadership within Love Not Lost. Our partners that refer people to us, including hospital staff and hospice staff, will look to you for help with resources, taking care of their patients, helping with events, and follow through on communication. The families applying for sessions will expect you to listen and care for them, trusting you to provide the best experience for them during this vulnerable time.

This position will include working closely with the executive director and requires a startup mindset as well as a healthy emotional foundation. There will be days you have to deliver bad news, but always with empathy, compassion, and a solution when possible. There are days where you will feel like a hero, and we celebrate and savor those moments too. Emotional health is a priority on our team with the work we do.

We have been operating in Georgia since our launch but will be looking to spread to new cities and states in 2020. There are a lot of obstacles, learning, creativity, and growth ahead. We need someone who has patience, flexibility, problem-solving skills, empathy, and perseverance as we scale to a national level and continually improve the way we operate. In addition to conversations and managing administrative operations, the daily work will require an understanding of photography basics with the ability to review edited photos, fine edit where needed, and design photo albums to be given to the families we serve.

You will be the manager of our five different communities:

  1. Applicants/Recipients

  2. Photographers

  3. Partners

  4. Supporters

  5. General Community


  • You’ll be the manager of the photography program in Georgia, taking charge of the process from start to finish to include:

    • Serve as the primary point of contact for all involved in the photography program

    • Contribute new ideas and solutions as we ask “How can we love people better?” to grow Love Not Lost responsibly

    • Reviewing applications submitted from people with a terminal diagnosis who desire a photography session

    • Connecting Love Not Lost photographers to our applicants to schedule and complete the session

    • Building a relationship with our photographers to get to know them and continue to love them better through the process

    • Following up with recipients to continue the relationship, ensure their satisfaction, and get valuable feedback from each session

    • Submitting RAW files from photographers to our editing team

    • Exporting edited images to our album software to design the album

    • Submitting albums to be printed and ensure delivery and follow up

    • Building relationships with the hospitals/hospices we are partnering with to grow/improve that relationship and love them better

    • Assisting and leading conversation at the quarterly photographer retreats

    • Creating a safe, judgment-free environment for all members of the community to interact with you

    • Accurately track processes and see problems ahead of time to address them before they become critical

    • Manage communications, expectations, and strategies from inception through delivery of an engagement

    • Develop strong, engaging relationships that foster partnership and growth

  • You’ll assist the executive director to build our supporter community to include:

    • Writing thank you notes to every person who makes a donation

    • Shipping out empathy cards, care cards, print materials, and other support tools as needed

    • Planning community events, including a portion of our annual auction fundraising celebration in the Spring

    • Sending out tax receipt letters and other communication to our supporters

    • Various administrative tasks, including updating our CRM

    • Representing Love Not Lost at community events to build connections and engage with the general community

Our Community Manager position is a 40 hour/week commitment. You will be expected to be available for communication from 8-5pm. Some days will require work during normal business hours and others will allow for work to be done after hours for a more flexible schedule.

There will be several events in GA and TN on weekends that we will need you to be present for and will give you plenty of notice. When a weekend day is required, you are expected to take a weekday off to rest.

We are looking for someone who can manage time well and be trusted with the freedoms of working remote.

Required Skills:

  • Ability to Build Great Relationships: Initiates contact with other individuals; is honest and demonstrates trustworthiness; relates to people in an open, friendly, accepting manner; owns their mistakes and learn from them; shows sincere interest in others and their concerns; willing to enter into compassionate and sometimes deep, emotional conversations around grief, loss, and love.

  • Listening: Actively hears others, ensuring a complete and accurate transfer of information and establishes trust

  • Problem Solving: Identifies root causes of problems; generates and evaluates alternative solutions; implements problem resolutions quickly and effectively

  • Persistence/Resilience: Works at responsibilities until they are successfully completed; tries alternative approaches when confronted with obstacles or criticism; works diligently to achieve difficult objectives.

  • Prioritize and handle multiple projects successfully to completion on time

  • Be able to self-manage while reporting to executive director

  • Resolve problems, handle conflict and make effective decisions under pressure

  • Organization: Help create systems that are scalable & stay organized with growth

  • Flexibility and Adaptability to accommodate schedules, deadlines, changes, etc.

  • Resourcefulness, High Attention to Detail

  • Very Self-motivated with Initiative: Takes charge to make things happen; identifies what needs to be done and does it.

  • A sense of humor, patience, and empathy


  • Experience in Lightroom, Dropbox, Mailchimp, or other similar software

  • Customer service or account management experience

  • Knowledge of how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

  • Familiarity with Apple/Mac products

  • An understanding of photography - not necessarily experience taking photos, but being able to edit to make a photo better and how to tell a story using imagery

  • Exceptional interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills both for personal and professional communication

  • Technology agnostic; you can use many various tools and third-party apps to manage work and get things done

  • Ability to work on multiple projects in the same week or day

We don’t expect you to have experience with our specific album design software, fundraising platform, or photography management software, but we do expect you to learn quickly.

Required Values

We can’t succeed without a great team of people who are willing to be vulnerable, honest, and courageous as every one of us strives to love people well.

Our driving question is “How can we love people better?” and we must start by asking that question of ourselves, before asking that question of others.

Self-Care is a critical piece of success. Our success as a team is directly related to the health of every individual. It is only when we are healthy and whole as an individual that we can hold space for those who are hurting.

We want to be intentional with our thoughts, words, and actions to provide the best experience full of love and compassion. We do this while operating with integrity and mindfulness.

We are looking for someone who cares deeply about the mission of Love Not Lost and is excited about our vision of growing to a national level. This person will need to be a top performer who is driven, flexible, organized, detail-oriented, relational, calm, caring, and compassionate.

You will be joining a team that is focused on advancing the professional and personal success of its people. This is a unique opportunity to work closely with the Executive Director and grow alongside an incredible organization. Please be sure to fully review our website at before applying.

You’ll need to email your cover letter and resumé to with the title “Key Relations Manager Application” as the subject line. If you have a story that has compelled you to apply, feel free to include a brief summary in your cover letter along with why you believe you are a fit for this position. If you don't fit one of the bullet points above, don't be deterred from applying. We look forward to knowing about you and reviewing your application. Thank you.

Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.