CrowdFunding - Love It Forward

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You helped us reach our crowd funding goal in the final hour! We had a generous matching donor who matched $2,000 of all gifts made in the last two days of the campaign, including donations made through our website not shown on the campaign site. Together, we raised $15,000 to help us serve people in grief, grow our Atlanta base, and launch some new initiatives next year.

Thank you for helping us Love It Forward! 

A Special Thank You To These Corporate Partners

With their help, we're able to save money so that more funds can go directly to serving families!


Wall of Thanks

These are the awesome people who have chosen to Love It Forward to help us serve more people and support them in grief - THANK YOU!!! Your generosity will help us serve more people and start some new initiatives in 2018. We'll send you an update when your perks are shipping! 

Carmen Wood          Anonymous          Jess Robertson          Raj Bandyopadhyah          Anonymous          Kimberly VonHolt          Joanna Hardy

Anonymous          Morgan Chalk          Lynn Trinoskey          Amy Etheredge          John Routh          Brenna Sterndale          Anonymous

Maria Ruff          Anonymous          Amanda Honious          Laura Mongioi          Anonymous          Michelle Fox          Nicole Larsen          Lisa Engle

Anonymous          Revai Seiler          Anonymous          Kurt Killingsworth          Jane Lauter          Chelsea Feinstein          Anonymous          Kat

Kristen Braun          Ann Colwell          Rhonda Moore          Jennifer McCann          Sarah Dunn          Karen Johnstone          Christie Richardson

Jessie Wallace          Anonymous          Robin Birdwell          Jan Warren          Kari Anderson        Anonymous        Ana Montgomery Photography

Mariel Wright          Leslie Routh          Kristin Lundberg          Kassandra Strout          Kelly Hilliard          Lindsay Rancourt          Nicole Ouellette

Kim Van Ness          Brie Prose          Savannah Staples          Jessica Fears          Virginia Porter          Anonymous          Tamisha McQuilkin

Anonymous          Jaime Gooden          Megan McCarty          Gabriela Salgado          Jesse Wellner          Captured Beauty Photography

Kim Lockwood          Jayme Aragon          Magen McRoberts          Anonymous          Thomas C.          Rachel Beach          Shaylee Davé-Dittakavi

Kate Terhune          Julia Miller          Elizabeth Beck          Dina C Patel          Dana & Tim Derylak          Anonymous          Erin Quinnell

Anonymous          Jessica Jones          Anonymous          Ashley Childers          Sharon Rabinovitz          Lynette & Greg Kenith          Anonymous

Austin Grigg          Anonymous          Meredith Flaherty          Casey Hostetler          Anonymous          Tim White          Sherman Rominger

Lyle Sword          Elizabeth Rand         Anonymous          Matt & Rachel McMichael          Ann McCarty          Meg Nash          Anonymous