Media and Press Coverage

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful publications, bloggers, podcasters, and media outlets who have featured Love Not Lost to help us spread the word.

We appreciate every opportunity to connect with people. From events like Plywood Presents, where we've had the chance to be on stage and meet people at our booth in the marketplace the following year, to companies and smaller groups like Ronald Blue & Co. and The National Christian Foundation, where we hope to inspire, encourage, and challenge people.

If you're interested in having Ashley speak at your event, corporate meeting, or gathering, you can visit Ashley's speaking website or contact us.

Tiny Empires

Growth Lab launched a YouTube series called Tiny Empires, and featured Love Not Lost in one of their episodes. We are so honored they chose to tell our story and help us share it with the world!

Creative Mornings

 To see the full feature,  click here!

To see the full feature, click here!

Ashley Jones is the Creative Mornings Chattanooga speaker on Death to close out the end of the year. She challenges us to meet death head-on and make something beautiful of it.


Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Atlanta Journal Constitution was the first major publication to pick up our story in their Sunday Conversations section in their Sunday paper when we launched. 

Clemson World Magazine

Clemson World Magazine featured us in their "Tigers on the Move" section which is a huge honor. We're grateful for their help in raising awareness for Love Not Lost. 


In Touch Magazine

InTouch Magazine did a wonderful write-up of our story and our mission to help us raise awareness and inspire their readers on the topic of "redemption" in the fall of 2016. 

Plywood Presents: Ashley Jones, founder of Love Not Lost, pitches her vision of celebrating life and supporting people in grief during the 2016 Idea Competition. 

Ashley Jones shares about the adventure life threw her way, how it led to forming Love Not Lost, and inspires others to seek adventure too. 

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Big Fake Wedding

The Big Fake Wedding was one of the first blogs to share our story and help us raise awareness. As a former photographer for their event, they helped us at the start!


Midtown Patch

Midtown Patch highlighted our launch event on their site and shared our story with their readers. They helped us raise awareness in Atlanta and gain local supporters. 

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Canvas For A Cause

Canvas For A Cause is an amazing cause that donated all the canvases for our launch event. They shared our story to their followers online and helped us raise awareness.  

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Hello Hope Blog

Hello Hope shared our story to give hope to others who are facing a terminal diagnosis. They wanted to encourage and inspire their readers to hold onto hope. 

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FireSide Network Podcast

Bill heard about story before we even launched through a mutual friend and was the very first person to interview us. This is a look back in time at the very beginning... Enjoy this interview with Bill.

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Empire Radio Now Interview

We were invited onto the Empire Radio Now show for an interview about Love Not Lost. It was a really fun show in the afternoon and we were honored to be a part of it! 

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Onward Creatives Podcast

Jack Fussell was kind enough to invite us on his Onward Creatives podcast after hearing our story at Plywood Presents. We loved sharing our story with Jack and his listeners and hope you enjoy.


KD Angelos Magazine 

The Kappa Delta Angelos, the magazine that goes out to all KD Alumnae, featured our story among the alumnae who are doing great things in their 2017 issue

See Beautiful Grant Feature

See Beautiful awarded Love Not Lost a $1,000 grant to help us grow our photographer program and featured us on their blog. We are so grateful to have their support to keep seeing beautiful! 

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Black Sheep Bride Feature

Black Sheep Bride showcased us on their blog for their "Thankful Thursday" feature to help us raise awareness and spread the word about our mission to support people in grief. We're thankful!

Gather Good ATL Feature

Gather Good shared our story on their site and we're humbled to be included among all the good things happening in Atlanta. We are proud to have Atlanta be our home and look forward to growing our presence here.

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ShootProof Blog

The ShootProof blog featured five organizations using photography to help others as a way for photographers to give back. We were honored to be included with the list of other amazing causes.

The Grit & Grace Project 

The Grit & Grace Project invited us to guest write for their site and we gladly accepted. We shared our heart during Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month in hopes of helping people in grief and letting people know they're not alone.