Photo by Tessa Marie
This photo might just look like a bunch of feet to a stranger, but this was a photo from our last professional portrait session that Tessa took of us together as a family of three.
Skylar never got to stand on those little feet, but they were so precious to me. You see, my toes are almost all the same length (except for my pinky toe). And although Skylar didn't really look like me, there was no doubt she was mine when looking at those toes! I miss those little feet!

I am especially missing my sweet girl this holiday season and know the holidays can be tough for those grieving, but they can also be a great time to remember our loved ones. Please share a memory of your own and use  #MemoriesMatter on social media so we can find your story. Thank you for joining us on this journey!  

It may seem cliche to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there's truth at the core: a photograph is a portal to memory. A treasured glimpse into what was that you can cherish and share with anyone you choose. 

We all have a picture like this, right? To an outsider, it may not even seem like much: a happy upturned face, a table crammed with family, a clasped hand. But to you, it's more. We know you have a photograph like this. One that brings you back to a moment, a life, a story with someone you love. 

Love Not Lost exists to bring these treasured moments to those who don't have much time left. Because memories matter

In this season of light and giving, please consider sharing that photograph with your friends across social media. Tell us the story behind the image and use #MemoriesMatter, give a shout out to @lovenotlostorg (Optional: donate to Love Not Lost if you're able to so we can help others preserve their memories), and then tag a friend to share and do the same. 

Think about it… a flurry of treasured memories filling the internet with hope and the power of story this holiday season.

The holidays can be a rough time when you are without someone you love, but we hope this campaign will let people share their stories, give space to remember the love that's never lost, and cherish time with the loved ones who are still here. Let's spread hope and love this holiday season. Will you join us?

How To Join The #MemoriesMatter Movement:

  • Post a photo of a loved one who is no longer here to your social media accounts (it can be a photo you took, one that you're in, or just a memory you are thankful to have preserved)
  • Share the story behind the photo, tell us what that memory means to you today, and/or why you are thankful to have the photo 
  • Be sure to end with #MemoriesMatter so we can read all the beautiful stories filling the internet
  • Give a shout out to @lovenotlostorg to let people know what we're doing - optional: ask people to donate to help preserve memories for other people who don't have much time left
  • Then ask them to share a memory of their own and challenge their followers and friends to do the same 

We can't wait to read about your loved ones and the special memories you shared while we spread hope and love throughout this holiday season! Thank you for joining us!