Our Story

The vision for Love Not Lost came from Ashley's Story. Having a daughter with a terminal illness, and being gifted portrait sessions, Ashley wanted to pay it forward and started offering free portrait sessions to anyone she met with a terminal diagnosis. As she donated more and more sessions, she realized that something greater was taking shape. 

As this shape was forming into a non-profit, Ashley asked three key friends to join her on the board of directors. Trey Boden, the friend who gifted Ashley and her family the portrait session, is the president of Love Not Lost. Austin Grigg, another cherished friend who helped walk through their journey and loss, serves on the board, as well as Nicole Wedekind, a valued friend who came along after Skylar was gone. Ashley knew these friends would have not only the talent, but more importantly, the heart, to get Love Not Lost off the ground with her. 
The foundation of Love Not Lost is providing free portrait sessions and photo books to those facing a terminal diagnosis. We celebrate life and love in the face of grief through the portrait session. We capture the love shared in those moments and then preserve them in a beautiful tangible photo album that can serve as a support through the grieving process. In addition to the sessions and photo books, we host local events to build face to face community, provide online resources and a virtual community through our website and blog, and continue building lasting relationships to bring love, hope, and healing to the people around us as we grow. 

Our driving question for everything we do is: 
How can we love people better?

Whether it's the people we serve through photography, their loved ones, our volunteers, or the community we are a part of, we hope to change the way people approach grief and suffering. Instead of shying away in fear, we hope people will jump in with love, and we want to help make that happen. 

Please join us in preserving memories and spreading love to people facing a terminal diagnosis.