Your gifts and talents will help people through grief. 
Will you join us? 


At Love Not Lost, we photograph people facing a terminal diagnosis to capture and preserve their memory for those they love. Our vision is to serve people nationwide, and to do so, we will need incredible, compassionate, talented photographers to volunteer with us. 

To be considered, you must have your own equipment and be proficient in off-camera lighting and posing individuals and families. We are currently accepting photographer applications in the state of Georgia. If you're interested, please apply! We will get in touch with you to answer your questions and explain our process more in-depth. Below is a brief description of our process:



Apply to become a Love Not Lost photographer volunteer. We review your application and share with you about what it means to serve with LNL. Use the button below to access and complete the application.


Get Trained

Before sending you out on a session, we invite you to attend our weekend photographer retreat and have you assist one of our existing photographers so you will be comfortable & prepared for any session.


Volunteer a Session

You've been trained, now you are ready to serve as a lead photographer. We contact you when you've been matched with an applicant so you can get to know them, schedule the session, and capture memories.


Receive Care

What you experience during a session can be tough, but you are not alone. You will have our family of photographers and the option to receive the care you need to keep serving with Love Not Lost. 

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners help us save expenses so that we can serve more people. We are so grateful for their support and hope you will take time to check them out. If you do end up with working them, please let them know you found them through Love Not Lost and appreciate their support of our organization. They make a huge difference and help us love people better! 


Photographer Advocates

Some of the best photographers in the world support Love Not Lost and our mission to preserve memories and support people in grief.

Take a look at what they're saying...


David Beckstead

Beckstead bio bw.jpg

David was named one of "The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World" by American Photo magazine. He's a photographer, teacher, family man, lover of life and adventure.

“Often the giving nature of image making gets a little lost in the chaos of earning a living. Then we remember that we fell in love with photography because others so appreciated our work. Love Not Lost specializes in the art of giving unequivocally to those that need. I love the fact that photography can change peoples lives"

Ross Oscar Knight

Ross is a philanthropist, author, educator, and international photographer who loves using his gifts and talents to build community at home in Atlanta and worldwide.

As a parent and a photographer, I understand how capturing memories of our precious loved ones is so important. I whole-heartedly believe in the mission of Love Not Lost to show people how we can love them better. Together we can embrace difficult times as a community to strengthen our resolve.


Jerry & Melissa Ghionis


Jerry is widely recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in the world. He's a photographer, teacher, inventor, founder, and husband who loves life and bringing out the best in others. 

"There is no greater gift for a family than creating a beautiful portrait with their loved ones. That becomes especially important when the time remaining with a beloved family member is preciously short."


Donal Doherty


Donal is a fine art wedding photographer, author and educator capturing love and serving the greater community of photographers across the globe. 

"Memories should be cherished. As someone who has lost both my parents I treasure the photographs of the great times we had together. I believe in what Love Not Lost stands for in helping other people to have cherished memories of their loved ones"

Joe Buissink


Joe Buissink photographs weddings all over the world and has over the years been a favorite wedding photographer among many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Brendan Fraser, Kelsey Grammer, Hillary Swank & Chad Lowe, Christina Applegate, Jenny Garth & Peter Facinelli, Christina Aguilera and more.