What is this #MemoriesMatter you might ask... 

MemoriesMatter started as a hashtag I used when posting photos because I value the power of a photograph and its ability to preserve memories. Photographs are a portal to the past. They are a gateway to treasured memories. They help us remember. 

And why is that important? Because Memories Matter. 

We are bombarded with information every day and have to choose what's worthy to push into long-term memory. Unfortunately, we don't always get to choose what escapes to make room for more. Have you ever had a memory fade? Or maybe you've packed up your stuff to move and discovered a box of old photos that you start flipping through, only to have forgotten memories dance in your head once again... You can almost sense the touch. Hear the laughter. Feel the love. 

Photographs are powerful. 


We can't quite put our finger on it, but there's a difference in a picture on a screen and photograph printed in your hands. Maybe it's that a printed photograph commands your undivided attention… You can't easily scroll past it at blazing speed. Plus, when it's bigger than your palm, you can engage in the details. The touch of a print awakens your senses and stirs your emotions. It asks you to be present. 

With every session we photograph at Love Not Lost, we strive to capture the moments that matter. A laugh. A sweet embrace. Souls connecting through a glance. As those moments become distant memories, the photographs only become more powerful. That's also why we provide a beautifully crafted photo book after every session. 

Even though we live in a digital world, we hope you will think about printing a few of your favorite photos every year. Put them around your house... enjoy them every day. Your memories matter. 

This season, we are asking you to share a memory; a moment that you're so thankful for and will treasure forever. It doesn't matter if the person is still alive or has passed away, if you have a photograph that you would run into a burning house for (not saying you should do that but you get the point), we would love for you to share it. Here's how:

  1. Post your photo on the social media platform of choice (or all of them)
  2. Share the story or why this photo is cherished by you
  3. Be sure to use #MemoriesMatter with every post
  4. Optional - mention @lovenotlostorg and tell people about our mission to preserve memories for people with little time left and ask them to consider donating 
  5. Challenge your friends to share their memories too (feel free to direct them to our website for the details, www.lovenotlost.org/memoriesmatter)

We want to fill all the social media feeds with love, hope and joy this holiday season and hope you will join us in making that happen. You can share as many memories as you would like and ask anybody and everybody to join you! 

Be sure to visit our  Memories Matter page  to learn more... 

Be sure to visit our Memories Matter page to learn more... 

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate life and love this year. Happy Holidays!