Freezing Time In Texas

Around the time of our Annual Auction Celebration, we had the honor of flying out to Texas to preserve memories for two families in Texas. The first family we photographed sent us an application about their baby that read, "I am a mother of 2 beautiful miracles. I am currently pregnant with my 4th. My 1st pregnancy ended with a miscarriage and this time I am currently trying to make it full term. Around 11 weeks, our daughter was diagnosed with Acrania-anencephaly. My heart broke to know that she will not be surviving long after birth or might not even make it alive at all. Through all the pain and heartache we are feeling, we decided to help other babies and hope we can donate her organs to help other parents not go through this pain that we are feeling. My baby will be a life saver and it makes me feel a little better that she will help others."

Our mission is to celebrate life while supporting people in grief - even celebrating life before being born. Since Yessica's due date was uncertain, we talked through some options and decided to preserve memories as a family while the baby was alive in the womb through a maternity session. We let the family know that Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep has a mission to photograph babies that never make it home from the hospital, and they would likely be able to photograph the delivery. We had a little bit of a rush to make sure we got the maternity session done before labor started, so we scheduled it as soon as we could. 

When we met in Texas, Yessica and her family were wonderful. They showed me a stuffed animal that played the baby's heart beat when you squeezed it, which we incorporated into several of the photos. We captured great moments together, played in the fountain nearby, and enjoyed the day in Tomball. If you would like to learn more about this family or support them directly for the memorial service, you can go to their GoFundMe page. We know there will be tough times ahead, but hope these photos can serve as a comfort in the days to come and bring joy in the future. 

Thank you for helping us travel to visit this family. Your donations make it possible to preserve these precious memories. We are excited to share the second family we photographed in Texas on the next blog post!