Celebration, Grief, and Love

We’ve been silent on the blog because we’ve been busy caring for families, adding more photographer volunteers, developing new resources, building a new grief support program, and hosting a successful auction celebration (raising $50,000!). As a direct result of that, we have enough funding to bring on a full-time staff member to help serve the Love Not Lost community and grow our programming. We are currently taking applicants here.

With the addition of our full-time staff member and added bandwidth, we will be working to improve our communication and appreciate your patience during this growth spurt.

There is so much to celebrate - from serving 30 families in 2018 to our partnership with Northside Hospital, we accomplished a lot last year! We have already kicked off 2019 strong with the new support tools we’ve launched like our digital Love Better Support Tool and the development of a new corporate care program (more to come on that later).

But as true for most things in life, with the good, there’s sadness too. We’ve grieved with a number of families we have photographed as they have lost those they love. Outside of death, there is grief with any loss - even a job transition. In bringing on a new full time person, our budget does not allow us to keep Lindsey on part-time.

In the last year and a half, Lindsey has been a valuable team member and a part of our family. When she first interviewed, I could hear her excitement and drive to help Love Not Lost grow - and for the past year and a half, she’s done just that!


LNL Family

You may have met her at events, seen her name on thank-you cards and emails, or interacted with her in getting your year-end receipts. She’s helped our families, photographers, and partners with so much empathy and love. She’s kept me on track and has been a huge help with administrative tasks and building our systems. Lindsey is an incredible woman full of life, energy, and love.

She doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, but I wanted you all to know who has been a part of the heartbeat of Love Not Lost this past year and a half. We’re incredibly grateful for her.

(Photo from our Snapshots of Love event by the talented This Modern Love Photography)

When we had to say goodbye to Kristyn, our first Director of Operations, we were incredibly sad, but knew we would find an awesome person to grab the baton and carry our mission to the next zone. The same is true now.

We don’t know who the next person will be yet, but we do know that they will join into the heartbeat of Love Not Lost to carry out our mission of celebrating life, preserving memories, and supporting people in grief.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow. We will be in touch again soon!