Intoducing Sionnie!

We are so thrilled to introduce our new full-time Key Relations Manager, Sionnie Lafollette.

If you’re curious how to pronounce her name, it might help to know her first name is of Filipino origin and her last name is of French origin. The “Si” is more of a “Sh” sound, so Sionnie is pronounced Sho-nee.

Sionnie is an incredible woman and we are so excited for you to get to know her. She brings some valuable skills and talents to the Love Not Lost family, but more importantly, she brings a huge empathetic heart. With her permission, I want to share a piece of her cover letter here so you can see what I mean:

My formal education, professional experience, and personal journey have shaped a skill-set and created a resilient tenderness I believe would be a valuable contribution to Love Not Lost and the path forward. With an undergraduate degree in counseling, formal photography training, years experience managing teams, businesses, and now myself as a freelancer, I’ve developed a keen people-service sense, quick creative problem solving, a love of systems and efficiency, and am continually honing the remote work-life balance; I find it exciting to see how my aggregate-self align with the needs of Love Not Lost as outlined; I truly cannot recall another job description that made me as excited to show up, give, learn, and grow.

After three rounds of interviews, we were excited to invite her to join the Love Not Lost family. We’ve had some great training so far, including Sionnie joining us at our booth in the marketplace at Plywood’s ATL Ideas Festival at the beginning of the month. If you didn’t get to meet her there, don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of opportunities and events throughout the rest of the year (check out the events page).

Loving Better

We’re excited to have a full-time staff member that will double our capacity to love people better!

I want to leave you with Sionnie’s words she wrote for you…

Growing up in Southern California, I have collected a catalog of childhood memories that revolve around water; my heart feels an understanding of “home” when near the ocean, and often it becomes a metaphor by which I make sense of life. Grief has been no exception. Having lost my brother and two friends in my adult years, I have likened the process of grief to a rising and falling tide. At times, it has laid waste to my shores like a tsunami and other times it merely laps upon them quietly.

In the last few years, a personal photography project about loss became a cathartic space to continue to evolve within my own grief. In capturing and telling other’s stories of loss and remembrance, my hope has been to inspire conversations and connection around grief; with one another and with our own grief journeys.

Now, in stepping into the role as the Key Relations Manager, I’m excited to give, learn, grow and serve in the work and mission of Love Not Lost to celebrate lives and to revolutionize the way we grieve. Thank you for your collected effort and gifts that have made this next step of growth for Love Not Lost possible. I look forward to partnering with you, our Love Not Lost family and supporters, as we continue to strive to love people better. It truly is an honor.

Thank you for your support and love to get us to this huge milestone. Your gifts, connections, and support make a difference. We look forward to posting stories and more exciting developments soon!