Grief & Empathy Tools

The first year in operation, we heard over and over from the people we were serving that many of their friends and loved ones just disappeared. It's not that they disappeared with ill-intention, but they let fear stand in their way of showing up. They didn't know what to say or what to do, so they didn't do anything, leaving the people they care about feeling alone and abandoned.

Speaking at events and connecting with people in the greater community, we heard over and over again from individuals that they were scared to say the wrong thing or intrude on personal space. They were afraid to ask questions and didn't want to offend anyone. They were desperate for a way to help and show their love, but genuinely didn't know how to be present for the person they loved. We can assure you, if that's you, you're not alone.

After hearing both sides, knowing that each person deeply longed for connection, we knew we had to do something to help bridge the gap.

The resources you see below are just the beginning of Love Not Lost grief and empathy tools that are designed to empower and equip you to engage with the people you love. These are not meant to "fix" any problem, but instead, be a positive presence and loving support that allows you to show up for the people you care about and let them know they're not alone.


"Moore Love" Card

This is a 4x6 folding card that is the first card in the "Moore Love" series inspired by Rhonda Moore (full story coming soon). It's a beautiful empathy card you can hand-deliver or drop in the mail to someone you care about during a hard time.

The card is blank to let you personalize a message even if it's a simple, "I am so sorry for your (loss, diagnosis, grief, etc.). I am thinking of you and am sending my love."


Gift A Session Certificate

This 9x12 certificate is a beautiful way to tell a friend or family member facing a terminal diagnosis about Love Not Lost, while also showing up for them in a big way. This allows you to "Gift A Session" to someone who is facing a terminal diagnosis.

The certificate gifts a free portrait session and beautiful photo album, and allows the family to accept it immediately or set it aside until they are ready to contact us.


Love Better Support Card

This 5x7 post card is a great way to find out how you can help someone. When you get that text that a friend's biopsy is bad, or a post that someone's family member just died, your heart sinks. You feel awful. But you have no idea what to say, let alone do...

We've created this support card with a list on the back for your friend to check off the ways you can help. This is about showing up, overcoming fear, and loving them well.

You can request any resource above by clicking on the button that will take you to the donation pop-up specific to that resource. You can give whatever amount you're able - even $1 - and we will send you the resource requested. We are excited to get these into your hands so you can show up for the people you love.