What We Do

Love Not Lost photographs people facing a terminal diagnosis to capture their memory and preserve the love shared during the session. 

During every session, we create space for people to be themselves to capture personality and love. Sometimes that can take the form of laughter and sometimes it is in the form of tears. Either way, our professional photographers are here to capture and preserve those memories as we enter into that space with people to simply just be present.

After each session, we design and print a photo book that's mailed out to be enjoyed the moment it's opened. Our goal is to bring joy and comfort as people see the love that surrounds them with the turn of each page. When that person passes away, the book is designed to be passed along to loved ones to bring comfort and hope through the grieving and healing process. 

Grieving is not something we do well, and we want to change that. Through the sessions, photo books, local events, online resources and communities, we establish meaningful relationships that are full of love in the midst of suffering. Our desire is for our community to be a safe place where people are loved, known, and understood in their grief.

We believe everyone deserves to be remembered.